• Rabbits Road Institute. image by Emil Charlaff

Rabbits Road Institute is bookable for regular and one-off activities. Use of the space is free for non-profit making and voluntary organisations.


Main room – dimensions: 83 sq meters, average dimensions 7.6m by 12m
Main room is wheelchair accessible from rear door
40 chairs
6 trestle tables
Wheelchair accessible toilet
Kitchen with 2 ring induction hob, electric oven, microwave, kettle, crockery/cutlery for 40 people on request
Tea trolley with kettle, mugs, tea and coffee
WiFi (wireless internet)
B&W Photocopier (A4 copies 5p each)

How to Book

To book the space or propose an activity, email info@rabbitsroadinstitute.org, or come along to a monthly community meeting.

You will be asked to provide the following information at least 7 days before the proposed day/time:

  • A short description of the individual/group/organisation hosting the activity.
  • A short description of the activity.
  • Whether it will be open to the public, or private.
  • Whether it will be free, ticketed/charged, donation based etc
  • Approximately how many people you expect to attend.
  • The day, time and duration.
  • Whether you require access to kitchen facilities and what for.
  • If the proposed activity is open to the public, your ideas on how to market the event & encourage diverse participation.


Rabbits Road Institute will consider all kinds of activities. Priority will be given to groups, projects or events:

  • With a connection to the area.
  • Without access to other spaces and resources.
  • Which offer ideas, actions, practical and creative skills for social justice.
  • Creating opportunities for self directed and collective learning.
  • Who are voluntary, social enterprises, or creative practitioners, rather than for-profit organisations and businesses.
  • Creating and sharing common resources.
  • Which are public rather than private.
  • To use Rabbits Road Institute regularly, groups will be expected to actively contribute to running the space. This means attending or being represented at a monthly community meeting, where practical issues and project proposals will be discussed.

Groups using the space are asked to document their activity in some way – such as a small description of what happened or a photograph. This documentation will contribute to an archive of activity at Rabbits Road Institute.

Rabbits Road Institute may not accept bookings for:

  • Political parties
  • Religious groups or activities promoting religion
  • Private events such as parties (see Chargeable Bookings below)
  • Exhibitions

Chargeable Bookings

Occasionally Rabbits Road Institute will accept chargeable bookings from institutions, organisations and businesses, and for private events such as parties. Profits from chargeable bookings will go back into the running of the space. Please get in touch to ask about rates.

All of these guidelines are open to negotiation. Please email info@rabbitsroadinstitute.org or come along to a community meeting.

Contact details

Find us on Facebook: Rabbits Road Institute
Follow us on Twitter: @RabbitsRd
Email us on: info@rabbitsroadinstitute.org