Economics for All

  • Illustration by Rosie Traina

Study Group

March 17, 2016 6.30 - 8pm, Free

Mohammed Ali and Roderigo Lebrun will be leading this weeks session.

We will reflect on what we learnt from Duncan McCann’s discussion on complementary currencies and continue our discussion of money reform with a short presentation by Mohammed and Roderigo on alternative economic proposals.

Mohammed and Roderigo both studied on the Design Interactions course at the Royal College of Art, and collaborate on design proposals for new economic models.

This is the last Economics for All session currently booked in, so we will also leave some time to talk about the future of the group and how we might want to continue!

What is money? How does it work?

Economics impacts almost every aspect of our lives, yet many of us feel excluded from talking about it. This study group uses day-to-day realities to explore the subject of economics. No prior knowledge of economics needed.

Contact info@rabbitsroadinstitute.org if you have any questions.