How does this country work?

  • Image credit - Rose Nordin

November 22, 2017 7.30-9pm, Free

How does this country work? is a self led group which meets fortnightly. The group is for people who would like to understand UK politics and find out how they can get involved. The programme was started and devised by artists Rosalie Sweiker.  It is based on 100 questions, from “How does the parliament work?” to “Why did I never learn anything about politics in school?” (A full list of all the questions can be found here and we invite you to add more by emailing us or tweeting @schweikerosalie.)

This course is for anybody aged 16 plus and does not require any prior knowledge of politics. The group is self led with the support of Rosalie. Participants are encouraged to contribute to the development and planning of the sessions.

Please email any questions about the programme to: info@rabbitsroadinstitute.org