Rabbits Road Institute Library is a collection of books nominated by friends and collaborators of the Institute. It is a usable library, and an artwork by The Alternative School of Economics. The library is reference only and can be accessed during public events or during Open Access on Thursdays 10am-1pm (term time only).

The Library was put together by artists Ruth Beale and Amy Feneck, who work together as The Alternative School of Economics, and who established Rabbits Road Institute in 2015.

Full book database now available:

Teachers Against Prevent
Donated by the Radical Education Forum
Radical Education Workbook by The Radical Education Forum
Nominated by Alasdair Mussell
The Lives of Children: The Story of the First Street School by George Dennison
Nominated by Alasdair Mussell: "This is the most loving beautiful
Desperate to Act by Anna Sher
Nominated by Joanne Norcup
Letter to a Teacher: The School of Barbiana by Nora Rossi
Nominated by Anti-University Now: "Because those excluded have greater capacity
We Make the Road by Walking by Myles Horton
Nominated by Tom Sander
Towards a Lexicon of Usership by Stephen Wright
Nominated by Alistair Hudson: "Toward a Lexicon of Usership by
Youth, Culture and Photography by Andrew Dewdney & Martin Lister
Nominated by The Alternative School of Economics
The Power to Choose by Nailer Kabir
Donated by Julie Begum, selected by The Alternative School of