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Rabbits Road Press is a community Risograph print studio and publishing press founded and run by OOMK. The project was commissioned by Create London and is based at Old Manor Park Library. The small-scale publishing press provides printing and book binding services for artists and community groups in Newham and beyond.

A responsive programme of workshops and events explore a contemporary model for community publishing, bringing together artists, designers, writers and local people. The project builds on Rabbits Road Institute’s initiative to establish an accessible and diverse community art space to support the development of new skills, knowledge sharing and social exchange for people living in Newham.

Rabbits Road Press runs regular public Open Access sessions, see here for dates. The sessions are free and open to all, providing an opportunity for people to learn about Risograph printing and offering a space in which to work on creative projects. For more information about how to become a member and receive a free Risograph printing induction visit the Open Access page.

With a focus on design education, OOMK also offer a range of private Risograph printing workshops at Rabbits Road Press. Clients and institutions we have worked with include London College of Fashion, Kingston University, Maslaha, Peabody Foundation and Create London. Workshops range from Introduction to Risograph Printing to bespoke graphic design, zine making and drawing workshops. Please contact us for more information.

What is Risograph?

Designed to be a high-volume, speedy and low cost photocopier, Riso machines use a stencil-based printing process and colourful inks to produce a result somewhere between silkscreen and offset lithography. Originally manufactured by the Japanese RISO Kagaku Corporation in 1986, Risos were popularly used by schools, prisons, churches, political and activist groups to mass produce posters, flyers, pamphlets and small books. The machine’s unique effects are great for both text and illustration, and with soy-based inks and masters made from banana paper great for the environment too.

 For more information, visit the website: www.rabbitsroadpress.com