Rabbits Road Institute is a new public space for community, educational and creative activity.

Drawing on the history of the Old Manor Park Library building, Rabbits Road Institute celebrates the Free Public Library and Worker’s Education Movements by creating an open space dedicated to self-education and independent thought. It exists to promote the development of culture, ideas and debate through everyday knowledge and experience. It is a space for new ways of thinking and creating inspiring activities that are open to all.

Rabbits Road Institute has been set up by artists Ruth Beale and Amy Feneck, who work together as The Alternative School of Economics. They are working on a number of projects throughout Manor Park, exploring economics through collective and creative processes.

The Institute hosts an artist-led public programme of study sessions, events, performances and social gatherings, alongside regular and one-off activities run by local community groups and individuals who want to get involved.

Rabbits Road Institute is a flexible space and can be used for meetings and workshops as well as larger public events and gatherings.


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